We specialize in grooming puppies, senior pets and those that are a little hard to handle.  We understand the special needs and care that are required for these pets, and always enjoy a challenge!  We carry recommendations from several of the veterinarians in the area and are proud to offer quality service and care.

We use only all natural products that WON'T REMOVE spot-on flea and tick treatments.  We produce our own shampoo and ear cleaner, so we know what we are using on your pets.  Our shampoo is hypo-allergenic, moisturizing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  

We clean our facility and equipment daily and take pride in the fresh, clean smell, noticeable when you walk through the door.
Carla's Grooming Inc


We offer the following shampoos at no additional cost:Oatmeal, Whitening, Deodorizing, Medicated 

We also offer the following Add-On services:
Nail Polish - $5    Nail Trim Only - $5    Teeth Brushing - $5    Gland Expression - $5    Flea Shampoo - $5
Hot Oil Treatment - $5    Salt Scrub - $5    Deep Conditioning - $5    Hand Scissoring - $15/15 min
Furminator Shed-Less Treatment - based on hair type and size  $10 to $25
De-Matting(only if it doesn't cause undue pain or stress)$15/15 min    Extreme Mat Removal $20
Creative Grooming and Coloring - Temporary$8 & up        Semi-Permanent$20 & up

We also promote NuVet Plus tablets which can significantly reduce the risk of or eliminate many problems that may strike your pet such as: Scratching, Itching, Hot Spots, Allergies, Arthritis, Tear Stains, Cataracts, Tumors, Premature Aging, Low Energy Levels, Digestive Problems, Heart Disease and Cherry Eye.

Carla has used this supplement personally on her Jack Russell Terrier, Skyler, for allergies since April 2006 and her pet hasn't had any problems in that time.  They also offer a money back guarantee if you don't see results in your pet.  For more information, please call us or stop in for a brochure.  You can also go to or call them at 1-800-474-7044, code #83885.

We sell OcuBright tablets for tear stains.  These are a chewable beef cubes and really do work.  Carla has used it on her poodle, Sherry, and when the picky poodle will actually eat them, they work great.  We have brochures in the shop for more information on this great product or stop in to purchase some.
HAND STRIPPING is now available for those hard-coated breeds like terriers.  Prices start at $60 per hour. 

    A "Bath & Trim" includes:
 A thorough bath with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.
 Ears cleaned and plucked (if necessary), and anal glands checked and expressed.
 Hand drying with a towel to remove excess water, then blow drying to fluff up the coat.
 Careful and thorough brushing of the coat to remove any tangles and to stimulate the hair follicles for a
 brighter, healthier coat.
 Nails clipped and trimming of the face, feet and sanitary areas, if needed.

    A "Full Groom" includes:
All of the above plus an all over haircut of your choosing which best suits your pet's needs and coat type.

Our prices are based on breed, size and condition of coat.  These are estimates and may vary depending on condition of the coat, size of the pet, difficulty of the grooming and any hand scissoring required.

We do give puppy discounts based on age up to 1 year.  Mixed breed prices are usually based on the dominate breed in the mix.

We will NOT demat your pet if it will cause undue stress or pain.  Grooming should be a pleasant experience and we strive to keep your pet happy and healthy.

  Cats – Short Hair$58.00 groom$35.00 bath    Cats - Long Hair$58.00 groom$45-$50 bath

                      Small Short-Haired        $40-$50 groom    $25-$35 bath
Beagle,   Border Terrier,   Boston Terrier,   Brussel's Griffon,   Chihuahua,   Dachshund,  French Bulldog,
Jack Russell,  Min Pin,  Papillon,  Pug,  Whippet

                      Small Long-Haired        $45-$55 groom    $35-$45 bath
Cairn Terrier,  Cavalier King Charles,  Coton De Tulear,  Havanese,  Lhasa Apso,  Maltese,  Mini Schnauzer, Pekingese,  Pomeranian,  Scottish Terrier,  Shih-Tzu,  Silky Terrier,   West Highland White Terrier,
Wire Fox Terrier,   Yorkshire Terrier

                      Med Short-Haired        $45-$55 groom      $30-$40 bath
Australian Cattle Dog,   Basset,   Sheba Inu,   Welsh Corgi

                      Large Short-Haired        $50-$55 groom       $35-$45 bath
Bloodhound,   Boxer,   Bulldog,   Dalmation,   Doberman,  Greyhound,  Sharpeii,   Weimeraner

                      Spaniels & Curly Coat        $45-$65 groom    $35-$50 bath
Bichon Frise,   Brittany Spaniel,   Cocker Spaniel,   English Springer Spaniel,  Toy or Miniature Poodle

  Std Poodle -  Pet Trim    $80-$95 groom        $55-$65 bath
                        Show Trim    $130-$150 groom    $95-$120 bath

                      Med Double Coated        $55-$75 groom    $40-$60 bath
American Eskimo,   Australian Shepherd,   Border Collie,   Keeshond,  Shetland Sheepdog,   Spitz

                      Ex-Large Short-Hair        $60-$70 groom    $35-$45 bath
Bull Mastiff,   Great Dane,   Labradors,   Pit Bull,   Rottweiler

                      Large Long-Haired        $70-$85 groom    $40-$55 bath
Airdale,  Bearded Collie,  Belgian Malinois,  English Setter,  German Shepherd,  Giant Schnauzer,
Golden Retriever,  Gordon Setter,  Irish Setter,  Irish Wolfhound,  Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier

                      Large Double Coated        $80-$90 groom    $55-$70 bath
Akita,  Chow Chow,  Collie,  Malamute,  Siberian Husky

                      Ex-Large Double Coat        $100-$125 groom    $65-$80 bath
Great Pyrenese,   Old English Sheepdog,   Newfoundland,   Samoyed,   St Bernard